Welcome to Chris Cleaners & Clothes Spa, the premiere dry cleaner in Forsyth County

Chris Cleaners & Clothes Spa was established in May 2008 with the intention of changing the entire dry cleaning experience.  Chris and his team have spent the last 9 years earning the communities trust while providing the highest level of quality cleaning.  At Chris Cleaners & Clothes Spa we treat you like family, we get to know you and your clothes, we offer special services to make your life easier like: 

FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY:  That's right, we come to you for the same price as if you drive to our store, we love to see you but why not let us save you the trip??  (min order required and must be in our delivery area)

SAME DAY SERVICE:  Have it here by 9am, you can get it back by 5pm...just ask (unless it needs alterations or has bad stain problems)

RUSH SERVICE:  We will always try and accommodate you if you have a special need like a super rush order you need faster than just same day service, just ask..we will do our best for you (there might be an extra charge, just giving you a heads up depending on what it is and who we have to keep around to get it done :))

FREE BUTTON REPLACEMENT:  Broken buttons happen, its part of the business.  We will always do our best to find and fix any broken buttons you get, if we miss one, just let us know.  This does not apply to fancy or special garment buttons that we can not match.

DIRECT LINE TO THE OWNER:  Have you ever tried to talk to the owner of a dry cleaner?  Good luck, unless it's Chris from Chris Cleaners & Clothes Spa.  Chris has and always will be available to handle your questions, concerns or special needs personally.  Just call 770-262-7700 or email Chris at Chris(at)theclothesspa(dot)com and see for yourself.  Chris' preferred method is email so he has a record of your conversation but a phone call is great too!!